Avalanche Summit Hackathon ideas

We only recently starting looking into Avalanche but quickly saw the potential for this network (or, network of networks?) to be a significant part of the future of web3. We immediately set about spinning up mainnet and fujinet nodes.

Avalanche offers rock-solid, performant consensus along with a built-in ability to create new networks. These networks can (but do not have to) be EVM-compatible. We anticipate a non-trivial number of new web3 games in 2022 will be built atop Avalanche subnets.

Validation as a Service

Just as Infura, Ankr, Moralis and other node/RPC providers have created a way for web3 developers to jumpstart developmemt, companies will be created to provide Validation as a Service or 1-click Subnets. These offerings would bridge the gap between development and deployment while also exposing a way to seamlessly transfer validation over the developers.

Hackathon Ideas

With the above premise in mind, here are some example hackathon projects that could form building blocks for such a service:

  • Avalanche Mainnet <-> Subnet bridge Should be decentralized and general enough to be easily incorporated by new subnets.
  • Validation Proxying. Each subnet validator must also be a primary network validator. Imagine you want to validate for 5 subnets spread across 5 machines: you would need 5 primary network validators (with a total staking requiremenet of 10,000 AVAX). However, what if you could run the per-subnet logic on each of the individual machines but proxy the validation (which is lightweight by comparison) through a single node?
  • Validation Transference Come up with a way to encode the ‘right to validate’ a subnet on-chain on the primary network in a time-locked and transferable fashion in order to pave the way for developers to retain future rights to validate their subnet so they can get started with a Validation as a Service provider without having to trust the provider.